"I’ve been volunteering for Trinity for two and a half years now. I started as a wellbeing volunteer at the Walking and Talking group and then joined complementary therapy a few months later. I’m now a Reiki therapist, working with both inpatients and outpatients.

I got involved with Trinity after I quit my corporate job and decided to volunteer full-time. I searched hospice in Google and up popped Trinity. After I came here and met with Mat, I knew I wanted to volunteer here.

The hospice is so beautiful and peaceful – in my interview my only question was “how do I die here?”

Reiki is a therapy to help patients relax with just gentle touch. ‘This is so lovely!’ is one of the feedback I hear the most and many patients just fall asleep during the treatment. It is so amazing to support all the patients go on their journey with Reiki, discovering their own space where they can be quiet, feeling peaceful and safe, and sometimes even causes a shift and realise what’s really important to them. Reality doesn’t change, the patients are still ill, but they begin to see it from a different perspective. No matter how long or short a time they have left, it is not how long they live but how well they live.

I still see it as a privilege to be able to walk with the patients, give them a lift and give them comfort.

The last stage of life is very personal and to get to be a part of that journey is so rewarding. There is still a lot to go through.

You definitely get to see all kinds of situations when you’re a Reiki therapist. One of my patients always has a bowl of crisps on his stomach during a session and snacks on them throughout. It always makes me laugh. One patient I found in the garden and, after a chat, we just decided to do a session right then and there overlooking the beautiful gardens. I couldn’t think of a more relaxing spot. I’ve even done a session on one of the balconies in the inpatient centre, for a patient who had moved his bed outside to get a view of the gardens.

It’s amazing to see how patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) react to Reiki. It really calms them down. One patient with COPD that I visited in the inpatient centre had her whole family there; the whole room was full of beds for them. Her young son kept giving me toys to play with whilst I was doing a session, and it was just like being in their home, part of the family.

That’s the best thing about Trinity – the flexibility. Every room you go in and every patient you see is so different because they’re given the space to be. Patients really get the chance to be themselves at Trinity, which is so important at this point in their journey.

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