Our Shops

We're on a mission to be London's answer to sustainable fashion.

We think our charity shops are some of the best around. Now our shops have reopened, we look forward to seeing you in one soon.

Without our shops across central and south west London, Trinity wouldn't be able to keep providing vital care free of charge to all those who need us. We're looking at some of the ways that our shops support the work of the hospice.

1. By raising funds which support the hospice’s work

We only receive a quarter of our funding from the NHS, so we have to raise over £11 million each year to continue providing our services free of charge to all those who need them. Last year, items donated by our generous supporters to our shops raised £4.5 million towards this total. By providing a sustainable stream of income, our shops enable our vital work to continue. The retail team is continually looking for ways to grow this income, like opening new shops.

2. By raising awareness of the hospice’s work

Most Trinity shops are located in the hospice’s catchment area and are therefore important points of contact for us to engage with people in the community and raise awareness of Trinity's work. Through poster campaigns and information in store, customers are able to hear about some of the work that Trinity does in the hospice and in the local community. The shops can also act as places which encourage and normalise conversations around death and dying, as seen in Dying Matters week.

3. By working with corporate partners

Lots of businesses support the hospice in different ways, such as hosting fundraising events or taking part in corporate volunteering days. Our retail team also forms partnerships with businesses through stock donations. Corporate donors from all over the UK support Trinity by donating excess or end of season stock which is sold in the shops. This is a valuable income stream in raising funds for Trinity. It also increases Trinity’s corporate supporter base and helps spread the word about Trinity far beyond its catchment area.

Trinity has shops across central and south London. Find your one nearest here.