We are delighted to announce that designer handbag and jewellery designer Nadia Minkoff is supporting Trinity through the sales of the Rena bag, in a touching and personal dedication to Nadia’s mother Rena.

As well as donating two of the beautiful Rena bags for Trinity to auction to help fund our vital free care, Nadia has pledged to donate £40 from every sale of the Rena bag to Trinity, in memory of her mother. 

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Nadia says: “In March 2016 I lost my mother Rena to cancer. I should say ‘we lost’ as I am the youngest of 5 plus Rena had grandchildren, family and many friends. We all lost.

When diagnosed, Rena decided not to fight; she wanted no treatment, only to be allowed to go peacefully. Seems cancer had a very different agenda. It fought Rena till the very end, fiercely and systematically stripping her of anything she enjoyed and loved. A librarian and voracious reader, not being able to read was the last straw. She carefully placed a much-loved handbag next to her, in it her hairbrush, lipstick, wallet, the last letters and cards she’d received and the book she had begun and longed to finish reading.

Shortly after her passing I designed The Rena bag in her memory, based on her special handbag.

Although Nadia Minkoff London had been making regular donations to the Royal Trinity Hospice since 2002, I don’t think I fully grasped the extent of the incredibly difficult, yet absolutely vital service hospices and palliative carers provide until I experienced this first-hand.

It took me 3 years to bring myself to talk to the Royal Trinity Hospice about the Rena bag; I guess sometimes we simply need to give ourselves time to recover. But on the day of the third anniversary of her passing, I contacted them to let them know how much I would like to support them by giving back profits from the sale of The Rena bag to help them.

Royal Trinity Hospice may be London based but what it really comes down to is helping people, no matter where they are, throughout the hardest of times.”

View the Rena bag range on the Nadia Minkoff website

David Brinson, Head of Retail at Royal Trinity Hospice said: “We are so grateful to Nadia Minkoff for their continued support of Trinity and are especially touched that Nadia has chosen sales of the Rena bag to raise funds for Trinity.

“As a charity, we must raise over £10.5 million every year to ensure our free services can continue. It is thanks to the support of companies like Nadia Minkoff and individuals like Nadia herself that we are able to provide free palliative and end of life care to 2,500 patients every year and their families.”

View the Rena bag range on the Nadia Minkoff website