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We're on a mission to be London's answer to sustainable fashion.

We think our charity shops are some of the best around. We look forward to seeing you in one soon!

Interested in working for Royal Trinity Hospice shops? Find out what it's like for a manager in one of our shops.

"My shop opens at 11am on Portobello Road, but I arrive 30 mins early to ensure I have time to hoover, tidy my rails and perfect my displays before I unlock the door. I also want to make sure I have jobs prepared for my assistant manager and volunteers that are due to arrive soon.

I do a final floor walk before I set up the till and start the day, to make sure I am happy with the shop standards and what the customers will see when they come in!

Once I open the shop I have my assistant manager on the shop floor with a volunteer supporting; they maintain the cleanliness of the shop by tidying up after customers, dusting the mirrors and shelves, and hanging the clothes that I bring up for them on the rails. They are representing the charity when they are on the shop floor, so we always make sure our customer service is well received; greeting customers, helping them find what they are looking for, and thanking them for popping by!

I love my job because it keeps me very active; I am on my feet all day and often lifting heavy objects which saves me spending money on a gym membership! I spend my time before lunch in the stock room, processing stock and donations. I have a volunteer helping me hang, tag and steam items. Realistically I am up and down the stairs all day, running the prepared stock to the shop floor to make sure our lovely customers have lots of choice and new items to browse every day.

When it comes to donations, you never know what you're going to find! Sometimes it can be a bag of designer dresses and sometimes it can be a bag of balled up socks but that’s the beauty of the job… variety is the spice of life!

After lunch, when I have made sure I have put at least 150 items on the shop floor, I can concentrate on updating the displays and visual merchandising. I have put lots of new stock out which gives me lots of options for new outfits for my 19 mannequins! I always make sure I keep an eye on high street fashion so I know which items will sell well when I put them in my displays. This is also time I dedicate to ensuring my admin, be it volunteer paperwork or health and safety paperwork, is up to date. Paperwork can really get on top of you, if you don't maintain it regularly!

The last hour of the day is spent ensuring my stock room and shop floor are tidy ready for the next day, so the shift can start as efficiently as possible. This also entails preparing work for my staff and volunteers for the next day if I am not in. I lock up at 7pm so I can cash up which only takes 10 minutes. Then I head home to get dinner and a good sleep before the next day begins!"

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