Patients at Trinity who have a massage or treatment with our qualified Complementary Therapists now have access to a new range of luxurious skin lotions and products.

Products from Nelsons Pharmacy available to Trinity patients and staff is a continuation of their long standing relationship with our charity.

Nelsons Pharmacy, well-known for products such as their ‘Rescue Remedy’ range, will be providing these along with a selection including their Calendula Cream and Arnicare Arnica Cooling Gel, as well as other products, all free of charge to Trinity. 

Staff wellbeing is also a priority at Trinity and Nursing staff can look forward to hand massage sessions, as well as trying out Rescue Remedy.

Staff recently had the chance to visit the Nelsons Pharmacy in West London, finding out more about the history and heritage of the company, which like Trinity, has had a presence in London since the 1800’s.

Theresa Quealy, Complementary Therapy Coordinator for Trinity, joined the visit where she was able to try out some of the body lotions, creams and oils. Knowing the benefits the products will bring Theresa said:

 “Complementary therapy offers a way for us to support patients on our inpatient unit by helping them relax, and managing some of their symptoms such as nausea, pain, anxiety and insomnia. Our therapists now have a wider range of products to select from when offering patients aromatherapy, relaxation treatments or a gentle massage.”

Sensory experiences play a significant role in helping to change a person’s mood or emotional state, encouraging feelings of calmness and aiding improved sleep.

Anthony Davison Director of Fundraising at Trinity thanked Nelson’s for their committed support to Trinity:

“Nelson’s have been a long-term supporter of Trinity with a decade of financial donations helping fund our complementary therapies. The further donation of stock is a welcome addition to their much-appreciated contribution stewarded by Anne Wadsworth OBE. Thank you so much for donating the products.”

A return visit to Royal Trinity Hospice by members of the Nelsons Pharmacy team, late 2022 gave them a chance to meet staff and see our first-class care in action.

A spokesperson from Nelson’s explains why they chose to work with Trinity:

“Nelsons and Trinity’s ethos and values are well-aligned; the compassion, warmth, and excellence shown by Trinity have been so clear to the Nelsons team during our time working together. All of this combined has felt a very natural fit for Nelsons to support Trinity. 

Core to Nelsons mission and vision, is ensuring that our high quality, naturally inspired, gentle and safe products, make a positive impact on people’s lives. 

We manufacture high quality products, all of which are safe and effective to use in healthcare settings, and hope the creams and toiletries are popular with patients. Nelsons is proud to support Trinity and are grateful to be part of their support network.”

Trinity patients receive Complementary Therapies entirely free of charge, ensuring they receive the bespoke care needed at a difficult time.

Nelsons Pharmacy’s provision of their products, adds more to the Trinity experience, which we would like to thank them for.