This year for Hospice Care Week, we’re inviting you in to see ‘what it takes’. Over the next week we will be revealing what it takes to maintain Trinity's outstanding care across the hospice, what it took to keep us afloat during lockdown and what it will take to make sure we can be here long into the future.

It takes... 74 nurses

Last year the 50 nurses in our inpatient unit and the 24 in our community team cared for a total of 2,550 patients. Of those patients, 2,445 received some care in the community, wherever they call home and 375 of these patients received care in our inpatient unit. At any one time, 740 people were under our care.

It takes... 625 volunteers

Last year we were fortunate enough to have 625 volunteers helping us at the hospice, in the community and in our shops. Collectively, our volunteers gave 1,875 hours every week, which adds up to 97,500 hours a year. Whether they are in the garden, in the café, on the wards or in the shops, all our volunteers are invaluable, and Trinity would not be the same without their assistance. Sadly, we've not seen many of our volunteers for a while due to restrictions on visiting the hospice, but we're so grateful for their epic contribution!

It takes... over 136,000 items of PPE

During the heights of lockdown, and even today, PPE is an essential for all of our frontline staff to ensure they can carry out their job safely. So far this year, we have used 43,400, aprons, 55,900 surgical masks, and 72,125 pairs of gloves.

It takes... A LOT of cake

During lockdown, we were delighted to be inundated with donations of cake from people throughout our community. It’s amazing to see people showing their support for care and our patients and team during difficult times and even though hospices don’t run on cake, they represent a lot about our individualised, personal care. A cuppa and a slice of cake might be there when families and friends come together to spend special moments and they are the perfect accompaniments to some time to talk, think and reflect. 

It takes... £16million

Last year it cost £16 million to run our outstanding service, which is completely free to patients and their families. Of this, only 26% came from NHS funding. This means throughout our shops and fundraising events must earn and raise the rest.

Like many other charities, COVID-19 has had a profound affect on our ability to raise funds. Our Urgent Appeal helped to meet our initial deficit and we have taken several steps to reduce our costs, but there is no time for us to relax. Our goal now is to secure the long-term future of Trinity for the patients and families that will need us, into next year and beyond.

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