Facebook provides a powerful opportunity to raise vital funds for charities like Trinity and it’s easy and secure!

With a few quick clicks you can join the hundreds of people who have already raised thousands of pounds to support our vital care through Facebook Giving.  

We’ve put together a simple guide that lets you know the different ways to get involved:

1. Set up a Facebook Fundraiser for Trinity on your birthday or other special occasion

Setting up a Facebook Fundraiser means you can write about why you are choosing to support Trinity, add photos, set a fundraising target and invite your Facebook friends to donate. It's a bit like a Just Giving page. 

You can start your Facebook Fundraiser by clicking on the button below which will take you straight through to the set-up page on Facebook which will guide you through the process.

Set up your own Facebook Fundraiser

You can set up Facebook Fundraisers at any time, but people often create them for a special occasion, for example on their birthdays or in memory of a loved one we have cared for.

Sometimes Facebook will donate the first £5 to a Fundraiser if it’s your birthday, so there is an added incentive!

Personalise your Facebook fundraiser by adding your own photos and words. Last year, Facebook Fundraisers which had personalised stories and images raised on average twice as much for Trinity as those that used the text and image we provide, so we encourage you to get creative!

Set up your own Facebook Fundraiser

2. Click "Donate" on Trinity's profile page

You can donate to Trinity at any time by clicking on the donate button underneath our cover photo. Depending on which device you're using, this may look a bit different to the examples above.

This button takes you directly to a donation window and you can follow the steps to donate.

Buttons like this sometimes also appear on our Facebook posts and videos and the process works the same way. 

Don't forget, if you're eligible, you can add Gift Aid to your donation when Facebook gives you this option. This doesn’t cost you anything, but it means the government will increase the value of your donation to Trinity by 25%. Read more about Gift Aid here.   

3. Add a donate button to your posts and live videos

When you post an update or story to Facebook or Instagram you can also choose to raise money by adding a donate button to your post.

Just select the “Raise money” option, search for Royal Trinity Hospice, click and share. This may look slightly different to the above depending on which device you're using and whether you are on Facebook or Instagram. 

Adding a donate button to your posts is the perfect option if you’re taking on a challenge and updating your Facebook friends on your progress with training!