Watching somebody you love experience bereavement can leave you feeling helpless. You want to comfort them but you don’t know what to say or do. Food offers no miracle cure for grief but it is one way you could help. Cooking for a friend is a simple yet kind gesture, a way to show that you’re there if they need you. 

The best meals will be nutritious, packed full of energy and keep for a few days. Meals which can be stored in the freezer until needed will work well. But really, it doesn’t matter whether you choose to make soup, curry or a pie - it’s the thought that counts.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Smoky veggie chilli - Jamie Oliver

This nutritious recipe has real depth of flavour and you can make enough for 8 meals (so there’s plenty to freeze for another day).

2. Sri Lankan vegetable curry - Fearne Cotton

This warming dish blends cinnamon, root ginger and smoked paprika. Sri Lankan food is known for being delicious and rich in flavour, making this the perfect dish to share with a loved one.

3. Butternut and sweet potato soup - Nigella Lawson

If you’re looking for a quick and easy meal to prepare – this is the one for you! This soup can be made with pre-chopped butternut squash and sweet potato. It saves you time and will taste just as good.

4. Aromatic beef curry - The Hairy Bikers

This recipe is from the ‘Mums Know Best’ episode of the Hairy Bikers. It’s comforting, packed full of flavour and tender beef.

5. Chicken and mushroom pie - The National Trust 

This is a classic, hearty pie. It’s made with chicken thighs, a rich, creamy sauce and shortcrust pastry. You can’t go wrong.

6. Spicy parsnip soup - Jamie Oliver

Jamie says ‘I’ve given the humble parsnip soup a new lease of life with aromatic flavours and added heat’. This soup is easy to make, healthy and cost conscious.

7. Beef and mustard pie - James Martin

Beef and mustard is a winning combination – and a wonderful filling for a pie. This is a comforting meal, great for cold winter nights.

8. Chickpea and coconut stew - Madeline Shaw

This is a fantastic dish which caters for both vegans and vegetarians. It’s very tasty, full of goodness and a handy one to keep in the freezer.

9. Pea, pesto and sausage lasagne - Cassie Best, BBC Good Food

10. Nursery fish pie - Nigella Lawson

This pie is made using haddock, mashed potato and peas. The result is soothing and comforting.