Trinity has been nominated for two awards acknowledging its commitment to fairness, respect, equality, diversity, inclusion and engagement (FREDIE). The National Centre for Diversity Grand Awards 2020 recognise organisations and individuals who champion positive FREDIE practices in the workplace.

Trinity’s “Welcoming FREDIE” project has been nominated for the “Most Innovative EDI Initiative of the Year Award” and the steering group responsible for delivering the project is nominated for the Diversity Steering Group of the Year Award. In addition, Trinity’s CEO Dallas Pounds has been nominated for the Chief Executive of the Year Award.

Dallas Pounds said:

We’re proud to celebrate the unique things that make our diverse community of patients, colleagues and volunteers who they are. It’s important that every member of the Trinity family feels welcome and supported to be their best, most authentic self at work. I’m delighted that our ‘Welcoming FREDIE’ project and the team that created it have been recognised in this way and it means a lot to be nominated personally too.

Under the leadership of CEO Dallas Pounds, Trinity champions inclusivity and diversity both as an employer and provider of outstanding care. The hospice’s FREDIE Steering Group launched “Welcoming FREDIE” in 2019 with an aim of making Trinity into the most inclusive, fairest workplace it can be, where its workforce can fulfil their potential unencumbered by real or perceived barriers. Over the course of the year, the team has run a series of internal awareness campaigns focusing on specific protected characteristics, embedded FREDIE values across all aspects of the organisation and shared their approach with many other hospices nationally.

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