So often our social media is flooded with wonderful comments thanking us for the support you received from the staff at Trinity. So much so, that we thought these beautiful stories and anecdotes deserved an even more personal touch.

Sending a postcard, online or in the post, is an easy way for you to send a message to someone who played a key role in your Trinity experience. Your postcard is also a great way to help us spread some love and positivity within Trinity and to our other supporters in these uncertain times.

How it works

  1. Fill in our e-postcard or download and fill in a postcard below.
  2. When we receive your postcard we will share your message with your Trinity key worker 
  3. If you would like us to do so, we will post your postcard social media to share and spread your message of positivity with all our supporters (this can be done anonymously if you like).

Not only this is a great way for you to recognise the work of Trinity staff, but also to help us spread some much needed light and joy on social media. 

Send an e-postcard

Sending us an e-postcard is the easiest way for you to send your postcard. When you can fill in our e-postcard, let us know about your experience with Trinity and what you'd like to say to a Trinity staff member.

Use the button below to fill in an send your e-postcard.

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Download your postcard

If you prefer a more traditional postcard, you can download and print one of our postcards below, fill it in and pop it in the post the next time you can safely visit a postbox.

Postcard 1                                        Postcard 2

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Postcard 3                                        Postcard 4


Download postcard 3               Download postcard 4