To follow the launch of our new challenge: Step into Spring, we talked with one of our amazing supporters, Paul, who in 2021 held his very own A to B coastal walk in order to raise funds for Trinity in memory of his partner, Claire. 

Paul standing next to a sign

As a man who has spent a long time walking over the past year, he definitely knows how to make the most of a good old-fashioned hike! So here are his 15 tips for our Step into Spring walk on Sunday 20 March.  

Step into Spring 

Here's Pauls' top tips:

  1. There is a walk for almost anyone out there!  

  2. Sometimes the weather is super changeable and that means you can set out with clouds and it turns sunny – so be prepared for all weathers. 

  3. Get going early, the air is cooler and clear, the sun rising is a beautiful thing. 

  4. Don’t forget to take enough water. 

  5. Snack bars are light and easy to carry to give a boost. 

  6. Say hi to strangers as you walk. Some of my friends now are people I passed along the path. 

  7. Don’t forget to look back, sometimes the best views are behind you! 

  8. Don’t be surprised how quickly you make height - press on, the views from the top are fabulous! 

  9. A 10-mile walk isn’t as far as you think. Honest!! Start at 9am and finishing at 5pm is only just over one mile an hour! 

  10. A pint or other drink tastes truly delicious when you feel you’ve earned it! 

  11. It’s never too cold for a fantastic ice cream! 

  12. The sea, the hills, the skies are a wonderful healer. I walked miles alone and with others with time to marvel, to remember, to cry, to plan, to laugh. I would do it again tomorrow. 

  13. It’s your walk. Do what you want. Go where you want. Take your time.  

  14. Use all your senses. The views, the sound of the birds or the wind or water, the smell of the sea, the gorse (yes it’s like coconut!), the flowers, the feel of the rain - no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing (Billy Connelly), the taste of the sea, the chips at the end, the cider, the water when you’ve hauled yourself up a set of steps or steep path! 

  15. Do it. Plan it today and do it! Step into Spring with Royal Trinity Hospice! 

If you haven’t signed up yet, you still have time to put your best foot forward and register.

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