If you’ve walked past Trinity this week you’ll have noticed that our Christmas tree has appeared outside the building.

From 4pm today it will be lighting up Clapham Common over the festive period!

We know that for many people, visiting the Trinity Christmas tree, either for Light up a Life or at another point over the festive season, is an annual tradition. We’re proud that so many people love our tree, which can be seen all the way across the Common and from the Old Town, it spreads a little joy and brings light in at the end of another difficult year for us all.

Our tree might be a bit unusual but it's also more economical and more environmentally-minded than ever, making us all that little bit happier this festive season.

We know so many people are enjoying taking photos of the light show on our tree and we would love to see your photos. Tag @royaltrinityhospice (Instagram) or @trinityhospice (Twitter) to make sure we see them!

NB - while Light up a Life is going ahead this year, the annual lighting of the Christmas Tree and procession to the church is not. You are welcome to visit the tree before heading to the church, but please note there will be no access to the hospice and no candlelit procession to the church before the service begins.

Read more about Light up a Life

When you can see the tree

From Wednesday 8 December onwards the tree will be lit:

5.30am – 9.30am

4pm – 1.30am