Royal Trinity Hospice has launched an innovative 360-degree virtual reality video tour in collaboration with Flix Films, to show what life is really like inside England’s oldest hospice.

The hospice’s commitment to improving patient experience means that VR technology will now provide patients and families with a  ‘Virtual Hospice Tour’ that brings Trinity’s facilities, people and services to life and myth-busts frequently held assumptions about what hospices are really like.

Trinity began working in collaboration with Flix Films on a ground-breaking project exploring the benefits of 360-degree virtual reality in palliative care in 2017. The project was designed to give patients and their families an opportunity to live out “bucket list” experiences, such as safaris and trips to Disneyland, virtually, towards the end of life.  This has since developed into a break-through research study testing the benefits of immersive experiences on improving the symptom control and well-being of patients at the hospice.     

Existing research has found that virtual reality can help reduce anxiety, post-traumatic stress and pain in people living with a variety of illnesses and conditions. Trinity’s video tour is the first of its kind to be used to address feelings of anxiety and apprehension that may surround referral to the hospice.

Dallas Pounds, Chief Executive at Trinity said: “We know that the thought of coming into the hospice, either as an inpatient or to access one of our many outpatient activities, may seem a scary. We wanted to show people that hospices are welcoming places that are full of life and friendly faces. I hope the virtual reality tour will help patients to feel more comfortable, confident and informed when they come through our doors.”

Leon Ancliffe, director at Flix Films, said, “It is a real honour to be working with Trinity on this one-of-a-kind virtual reality experience. This exciting new medium gives the viewer a unique 360 visual and audio experience of Trinity that makes them feel like they are really there. Along with providing a comforting introduction to their wonderful staff and facilities for the first time.” 

The tour, featuring 360 audio by Big Blue, can be viewed on Trinity’s YouTube channel or website homepage in VR mode by using a smart phone and goggles or can be interacted with by clicking on a home computer or tablet.

Trinity is going to offer their 360 tour experience to patients and their family members in the coming months so that they can access the total immersive experience. Visit Trinity's website to keep up to date with the latest case studies, news and blogs.

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