Paul and Katie are both physiotherapists at Trinity and will be running the Brighton marathon for us in April 2020. They have decided to take on this new challenge to help fundraise for the hospice. They tell us about their motivation behind this and what Team Trinity means to them.

Paul: Ever since I started working at Trinity, it has always staggered me that there exists such a huge gap between how much we are funded and how much there needs to be fundraised in order to keep the hospice running.

I have always wanted to do something to contribute, even if it is just a little contribution of £1000 that we are aiming to raise through our run.

Katie: “At Trinity, our patients have free access to a range of therapies and in our role as physiotherapists, we often work with other therapists as a team to achieve what’s best for our patients.

What I really like about Trinity is this essence of team spirit that we have, working together with the multi-disciplinary team and always pushing to make things better.

Paul: “And now, for this marathon, we have teamed up for Trinity and we will push each other to overcome the upcoming physical challenges. Neither of us have ever run a full marathon before, but we are prepared to train hard. It would be very daunting to do this on our own and neither of us would have done so if that was the case!”

Katie: “We’re really glad that we have each other to hold accountable to and will follow a training plan that consists of 16 weeks leading up to the marathon. It will begin this week in December but we have already started to do some preparation, taking part in some park runs together. We will greatly appreciate any support that we get along the way, pushing us to reach our set goals, in both the run and the fundraising!"

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