"Trinity is a very special place for me and my two young children. Our journey started in 2007 when we were hit with the devastating news that Loretta, my wonderful wife, and soulmate of 21 years had terminal ovarian cancer. She was 44 and our children Emma and Thomas were just 4 and 2. At the time, we were told that Loretta had just 6 months to live.

Loretta spent the next six years battling her illness, as well as raising awareness and fundraising to help others. As a family we squeezed every last bit of enjoyment out of life. Mundane things which we all take for granted such as sitting down to breakfast together or squashing onto the sofa to watch a film were relished moments and are now treasured memories.

In 2013 Loretta came to Trinity – where she spent the last 4 weeks of her life. We found Trinity a place of remarkable calm and tranquillity when it felt like life was collapsing around us. Trinity’s nurses really understood that every moment left was precious and they did everything they could to help us make the most of them. They actively encouraged us to have ‘sleepovers’ where the children and I could stay overnight on makeshift beds in Loretta’s room. The children still laugh about our pet rabbit going to visit and being signed into the guestbook as ‘Miss Brownie Oliver’!

My most precious memories are the times I spent with Loretta by the pond in the beautiful gardens, where we would chew over life, the fun times we had together, and the plans we still had for Emma and Thomas. I still return to Trinity to sit there, as for me this is where Loretta rests.

Every time I come back I am greeted by staff and volunteers with a big hug and questions about how we all are.

Living every moment is at the very heart of what Trinity is about. The staff and volunteers are without a doubt some of the kindest most caring people I have ever met.

The nurses and counselling team helped us to come to terms with the awful reality of what was happening to our ‘little family’, and provided invaluable insight and support in helping Loretta and I prepare Emma & Thomas - who were only 8 and 10 when they lost their mum. Trinity goes beyond just providing medical support and nursing care. It supports both patients and their families on a longer journey, a journey that starts when you have been given the awful news that ‘nothing more can be done’. Their support continued after Loretta’s death and it is reassuring to know that it is still there if we need it.

We set up the Loretta Oliver Tribute Fund to support Trinity, so it can continue to help others who find themselves in our situation to make the most of those final days and live every moment.

This amazing place receives less than a third of its funding from the NHS, so must rely on donations to continue providing its truly special care, completely free of charge."

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