We provide training and education on end of life care to health and social care professionals in our area.

This includes short courses, placement-based programmes and bespoke sessions for specific professional groups.  We train doctors, nurses, care assistants, nursing home staff, social workers, therapists, both pre- and post-qualification.

Some of the issues we cover include: training on communication skills, engaging in difficult conversations with patients who have a life-limiting illness; managing symptoms and medication at the end of life; practical experience of supporting patients and their families at the end of lives; advanced care planning for people with dementia.

Regular courses that are available at Trinity include

  • Sage & Thyme
  • Priorities of Care
  • Drugs at the End of Life
  • Schwartz Center Rounds
  • Goldfish Bowl
  • Quality End of Life Care for All (QELCA)

Dates for the diary – Short courses

Sage and Thyme - Communications skills training that helps all grades of staff & volunteers listen and respond to people in distress in a way that provides psychological support and helps them consider their own solutions


2016: 12th Sep, 10th Oct, 8th Nov*

2017: 9th Jan, 13th Feb, 14th Mar*, 8th May, 10th Jul*

Priorities of Care – A foundation guide for the holistic care of patients as they approach the end of life including verification of death and bereavement support


2016: 10th Oct*, 7th Dec

2017: 13th Feb*, 17th May, 10th Jul

Drugs at the end of life – A workshop exploring the safe administration and use of medications & syringe pumps to control symptoms in the last few days of life


2016: 21st Sep, 16th Nov

2017: 9th Jan*, 14th Mar, 14th Jun*

Information about short courses

Cost: £50 per workshop or £75 if you book 2 sessions for the same day (FREE for Trinity staff & volunteers and to those working in Wandsworth)

Timings: 1.30pm-4.30pm or *9.30am-12.30pm

Location: Old Chapel Room, Royal Trinity Hospice

In-depth programme

Quality End of Life Care for All (QELCA) – A national innovative programme to empower teams to make a difference to the experience of dying patients and those close to them. It entails 5 days learning at Trinity from specialist palliative care clinicians with time to discuss & reflect, followed by six months “action learning”. The programme is bespoke & normally costs £800 per person with some reduction for large groups.

Please email us for further information.