Sameena's Mum, Nayyera, was admitted to Trinity’s inpatient centre after over two years of going in and out of hospital.

At first there were some reservations about Mum going into a hospice. In our culture caring for family members at home is encouraged. We worried that people might think we had neglected her as a family or hadn’t given her the best care. But I had been to Trinity before to visit a neighbour so I knew she was going to a lovely place.

When she was admitted the Doctors, James and Abhijit, spoke to Mum in a way that made me feel that they were allowing Mum to take control. This must have been important to Mum who was aware that those were her last days.

During her stay James, the Head Chef, tried so hard to find something that Mum would really like to eat. He made Mum feel that making her dinner was the most important thing that he was doing that day. The volunteers kindly brought around meals for Mum in her room. They always checked on me and my siblings to see if we could do with a cuppa too.

The splendid garden was such a treat. We prayed in it, cried in it, called our loved ones to tell them the sad news of Mum passing away. Somehow being in the glory of the gardens felt like big arms were around us, comforting us.

It had been a busy day with a lot of visitors the night Mum died. Maria, one of the healthcare assistants, came to check on Mum and while chatting she realised that it was just Mum and her children in the room. Maria said, “It is not often that you can get together as just children. You should do something special.”

We have to be honest, we hadn’t actually registered that it was just the family. Thanks to Maria’s gentle prodding, we all prayed together and hugged and cried. It was such a special moment that could have easily slipped by. Little did we know that Mum would pass a few hours later.

My siblings and I are so thankful to the wonderful staff and volunteers at Royal Trinity Hospice. Their dedication to caring for patients and their families during difficult times without any boundaries is truly remarkable. Trinity enabled Mum to pass away with dignity and peace surrounded by her family – we couldn’t have planned it better.