Heidi is a volunteer at Trinity's Bellevue Road shop in Wandsworth. She talks about how she got into volunteering and why its changed her views on charity shopping.

What motivated you to apply to be a Trinity volunteer?

I live very locally and so noticed the shop when I was walking past and liked the idea of working in retail. Living in the area, I was very aware of the work that Royal Trinity Hospice does and had friends who had previously volunteered in the fundraising department. Before volunteering, I had never really shopped in charity shops but of course now I have a completely different view!

Could you explain a bit about your role and what it involves?

I have been volunteering for Trinity for about three years and I help out with everything in the shop- some days I will be sorting and some days working on the till. I particularly enjoy sorting as it is a bit like opening presents as you never know what you’re going to find!

What do you enjoy most about being a Trinity volunteer?

I love the boutique feel of the Bellevue Road shop- it definitely challenges peoples’ perceptions of what they think a charity shop will be like. For a start, it always smells beautiful! It’s important to maintain the boutique feel of the shop to meet our customers’ expectations.

Are there any aspects of volunteering you find challenging?

There is nothing I find particularly challenging and it helps to have such a great manager in Dovile and a supportive team of volunteers.

What benefits has volunteering brought to your life?

For me, I love the social aspect of volunteering and the chance to meet new people- fellow volunteers and customers. I used to work in a pharmacy and it is not unlike that! There are lots of regulars who are very social and will just pop in for a chat!