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After Trinity cared for her mum Margaret (above), Susan explains why she'll be joining our Family Walk and Fun Day this year and raising money with both two and four-legged friends to support our free care.

To join her, sign up to Trinity Family Walk and Fun Day

"Last year’s walk was close to what would have been Mum's birthday and the first year without her. It turned out to be such a nice day, and walking with friends and our dogs felt like we could make something positive out of her memory through The Margaret Kaye Magnolia fund we had set up.

Coming to Trinity with Mum was such a relief for us. A place to be calm, tranquil, and unafraid. I am so very grateful that she was fortunate to be there. At a time when she could have been very distressed and frightened, she wasn't.

At Trinity, Mum could have her own things around her as well - we took photographs for her bedside table and cushions for the chairs, allowing Pixie the dog to be there with her, and even her best friend's  Cat, Daisy-May sitting on her bed for the afternoon. It was all such a comfort to Mum.

The day of the walk last year was lovely, despite me feeling a little anxious about going back to Trinity. The walk was fun and we chatted throughout and caught up on news. We laughed a lot! The dogs ran ahead of the line and got lots of attention, and there were lots of families walking together, some who were also walking in memory of someone, which made us feel a common connection. It was a really happy day ending in the lovely Trinity garden, which means so much to many people. 

It was quite a tearful experience for me when we first went into the garden and on seeing the balcony of 'Mum's room’, as the garden brought back some memories of those last days. We would often walk around it while Mum rested, while the wonderful spring flowers bloomed. Mum was passionate about flowers, and she noticed the garden when she first arrived at Trinity - it was a haven of tranquillity - so peaceful after the buzzers and noise of the hospital unit.

The atmosphere was very different and very much happier in the garden for the walk last year. It was a celebration of life. We were all quite hungry after the walk, and ready for a nice glass of wine while we relaxed under the trees. The BBQ was delicious, far removed from the burnt sausages that you might expect on a charity walk! The food was really good (and Pixie and Bruce loved the sausages we sneaked them!). 

For me personally, it felt as if I had turned a corner that day. It was good to go back, to see the familiar surroundings and revisit the memories of Mum and realise what a lovely place she was in, and how fortunate we had been that she was there. She would have felt that too, I know.

If Trinity hadn’t been there for us - as my sister Lorraine said to me- 'it does not bear thinking about'. We’d had such a roller coaster time just before Mum moved to Trinity, we were emotionally exhausted! Before we arrived, we had no understanding of what was happening and did not realise things could progress so rapidly. The Trinity team was so kind, and helpful and took time for us too, as well as for Mum.   

If you’re thinking about taking part in the Family Walk and Fun Day at Trinity this year, I would definitely encourage you to get involved. Whether you’ve had a family member under Trinity’s care or are a local looking to support a vital community service with your friends or family. Everyone should experience the joy of the garden at Trinity and take up the opportunity for a beautiful walk with loved ones.

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