"In June 2008, after a six month battle with cancer, my mum spent her final few days in the care of Trinity. This year marks ten years since she passed away, and for some time now I've promised myself I would mark this milestone by doing the marathon.

The marathon was a massive challenge but training came along as well as I could've hoped. I enjoyed ticking off each of the long runs on my training plan and knowing I was one step closer to the full distance. It didn't make the big day feel any less daunting though! 

For most of my life I've been entirely un-sporty so I think my family was quite surprised I was actually doing it. I started running a few years ago and have completed a few half marathons since then, but the thought of doubling that distance was utterly terrifying when I set out on this challenge. 

I remember the day mum made the decision to go into Trinity so clearly. I was scared because it was a step towards something I didn't want to believe was going to happen. But Trinity is a remarkable place - light and airy, with beautiful gardens and friendly staff who will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. We took lots of pictures with us and put them up in mum’s room to make it feel a little more like home.

The most important thing for me was knowing that mum was comfortable and I think going into Trinity meant she was able to let go. Although mum was only at Trinity for a matter of days, the hospice left such a lasting impression on myself and my family.

They provided an oasis of calm in which to digest what was happening and gave us the support we needed to help us through the hardest days.

After hours on end spent at mum's bedside, I'll never forget escaping into the beautiful gardens and having a moment to breathe. Despite my initial reservations, I'm so glad mum spent her last few days at Trinity and not at home. It somehow separated the hardest times from everything that had gone before, and meant at home we could focus on all the happy times without the constant reminder of those last days. In the 10 years since, I've had friends experience Trinity first hand and they've all commented on how special a place it is; it isn't how you imagine a hospice to be.

The days after mum died were the hardest of my life. I was 18 at the time and days away from my first A Level, but I was lucky to have the support of my family and we all helped each other through. Trinity continued to offer lots of support, and knowing they were there if we needed anything was reassuring. To be able to raise this money for Trinity Hospice in mum's memory feels like a fitting way to mark the 10 year anniversary.”

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