The Guy Family have been so supportive after Trinity cared for their beloved Mum and Nan, Ann Guy. After telling us what it’s like at Trinity, Karen and Mike, two of Ann’s children, and her grandchildren, Dan, Claire and Laura, have also been kind enough to share what Trinity’s support meant to them as a family.

Karen: “I tried to care for Mum at home but it got to the stage where I couldn't keep her comfortable. Without Trinity Mum would have been admitted to hospital, which I am sure would have been very upsetting and uncomfortable for her."

From the moment Mum was moved to Trinity, we knew we had made the right decision. She looked so comfortable.

"During the last few hours of Mum’s life they gave us time to be with her and kept her comfortable. At no time were we pressured to leave.  We were invited back for a bereavement meeting and offered counselling, which I have taken them up on and am now receiving.”

Dan: "It meant that Nan was comfortable in her final days. Initially I didn’t want to visit my Nan but I’m so pleased that I did. Thank you Trinity Hospice.”

We wouldn’t have known who to turn to if Trinity hadn’t been there.

Mike: “Up until we were supported by Trinity, we felt lost and helpless. Our mum’s illness was progressing at a pace that was faster than we had expected or hoped for and it felt like there were changes daily.

Trinity’s initial contact and meeting at home really settled us as a family, so that Mum could remain at home for as long as possible, as we believed she would have wanted. However, as Mum’s mobility became more difficult it was apparent that we were unable to cope even with support at home. Whilst I’m sure Trinity would have found ways around the problems, Mum’s home just didn’t make a very good “make do” hospital.

We knew we could contact Trinity at any time, so the call was made one Friday evening. When speaking to the nurse in charge there was an immediate sense of relief that Trinity was able to make arrangements at such short notice, and we were so grateful. At that point, we knew Mum would be more comfortable at Trinity.

It's hard to imagine how different things would have been without Trinity.

Laura: “I work very long hours but, because Trinity allows you to come and go whenever you like, I was able to see my grandmother after work and be with her in her last moments which I am forever grateful for.”

Claire: "I had heard lovely things and when I found myself personally involved with Trinity I knew my Nan would be in great hands.

Unfortunately as Nan deteriorated very quickly her house was just not kitted out with all the equipment and care she needed and things couldn’t be put in place quick enough. We were so grateful that they had a bed for her and got her in quickly. This meant we could all concentrate on supporting Nan. This was a very distressing time for us all and having Nan at Trinity gave us a sense of relief that we knew she was safe and getting the care she needed."

Thank you to all the staff at Trinity Hospice. We will be forever grateful.

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