Since Ann Guy died at Trinity, the whole Guy Family have been involved in multiple fundraising efforts, including Laura, Ann’s granddaughter, holding an event called “Together for Trinity”. They’ve shared their Trinity story, and now two of Ann’s children, Karen and Mike, and her grandchildren Laura, Dan and Claire are telling us all about what they’ve been up to, and why those chose to fundraise for Trinity in memory of their beloved Mum and Nan. 

It is such a lovely hospice which deserves every penny! They are so caring and amazing at what they do.

Laura: "My friend’s grandfather passed away a few days after my Nan, and she saw my name on the sign in sheet and reached out to me. We connected and decided to arrange an event called ‘Together for Trinity’ where we managed to raise £2611. I have a bouncy castle and soft play business so we decided to bring three bouncy castles, a soft play area, ball pool area & animal hopper bounce area to the event to provide endless fun! This event also included everything from tombola, to a Spiderman visit, to a BBQ and Caribbean food stall."


It was so fun and rewarding to organise, and definitely something I will consider doing again in the future. We would like to thank everyone who supported us and came to the event - we couldn’t have done it without you!”

Karen: “My brother Anthony is Chairman of East Kent Schoolboys Scramble Club and also did a motor cross race and fundraiser BBQ which raised £400 and a further £100 was donated by the club."

As a family we wanted to give something back as they truly made a difference to Mum’s end of life care.

Mike: “As a family we are aware that Trinity is a charity and dependant on contributions.  The level of care and comfort offered can only be achieved through the generosity of supporters and fundraising.

We have immense gratitude to Trinity, the staff and all the volunteers having seen first-hand what a difference they make to people at the end of their life or those affected by the loss of a loved one."  

"It is for this reason that we have raised money in the name of our late mother Ann Guy and also collaborated with Ellesse Newman on the Together for Trinity event.  We will continue to support Trinity and I’m personally hoping to take part in one of their fundraising cycle events in the future.”

It was the least we could do after the way that Trinity supported us as a family during such a difficult time.

Claire: “We know that Trinity rely so heavily on donations and we would hate for other patients and families to not be able to have access to the same care as Nan.”

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