“I’m Will, I’m 40 years old and have been friends with Chris Bentley since university. We weren’t sure of each other to begin with and then had a real ‘bro-mance’ on holiday in 1999 and were friends thereafter.

I was living with Chris and his parents after leaving London in 2005 and I met my wife out one night in Cambridge. Funny thing was, because Chris was so protective of me, he wasn’t sure about my wife, Suzie, to start with - nor she of him! However, very quickly and over the years their friendship grew into a very close relationship with almost sibling qualities.

Me and Suzie became Chris’ surrogate family and my children his surrogate children. In fact Chris was and still is my daughter Lyra’s God (not religious) Father. Trinity looked after Chris in his last few weeks and it was the last place we saw him and were able to give him a big hug and a kiss.

He very much appreciated his last few weeks of care there and his last text to me mentioned one carer in particular whom he had rather a crush on!

Chris’ parents moved into a flat in Putney to be close to him in his last few weeks at Trinity. My wife is a professional gardener and she was so taken with the lovely grounds from Chris’ room.

I remember leaning over to kiss Chris on his forehead and looking up to see my wife looking out into the beautiful gardens. I miss him.

The carers at Trinity were amazing in caring for Chris and making his last few weeks as painless as possible whilst offering support to his family too.

I dread to think what life would have been like if Trinity wasn’t there for Chris. From the minute you walk in the door to leaving everything is calm, clean, discreet and professional.

That’s why Suzie and I took on the highest peak in the UK to raise vital funds for the hospice. We smashed our £1100 target and are almost at £3000! We trained once a week and were happy it all paid off when we reached the top."


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