Trinity believe that every moment matters. Their staff and volunteers go above and beyond to help patients and families make the most of every moment they have left together.

All Trinity's care is provided free of charge. This year, they must raise over £12 million to deliver their services and supplement the funds they receive from the NHS. They rely on donations and fundraising events to raise the funds needed.

The demand for end of life care is growing as people are living longer, often with complex needs. To reach all who could benefit from Trinity's care, they have launched a five year growth plan to expand and enhance their specialist services.

Our support will help fund one of their new services; the 24/7 Rapid Response Service. The Rapid Response Service will introduce a dedicated team to provide an urgent home visiting service to community patients experiencing crisis, within 2 hours if needed. This will enable Trinity to respond faster to their patients when they need them most, at any time of the day or night.