At any moment, Trinity is caring for 450 patients. Each year we care for 1,500 people.

Some examples of the difference we make include:

Care at Home
Two thirds of the people we support are cared for in their own homes, which is where most people prefer to be. Last year, we cared for 1,100 people at home, undertook over 2,500 visits and made nearly 20,000 phone calls to patients and other healthcare professionals to support the care of people at home.

Inpatient Care at the Hospice
Sometimes, patients need the additional support our inpatient centre can offer. Last year, 368 patients were admitted to our inpatient centre, comprising 7,306 bed days.

Therapies and Wellbeing Service
Our service adopts an holistic approach in managing patients and carers with life limiting conditions, addressing their wellbeing, psychosocial and physical needs.  Our expanded physiotherapy service allows for daily classes and clinics. Last year our services had almost 2,500 attendances and we have expanded our complementary therapy service with four new volunteer therapists.

To improve end of life care for more people than we can reach with direct services we give support to and share our skills with other care providers including care homes, hospitals, GPs and district nurses.

We believe the care we offer a patient's family and friends is not over once their loved one has died.  We provided 354 face to face bereavement counselling sessions and 1,390 sessions on the phone to people who lost loved ones.

Trinity commissioned an independent evaluation into the impact of the Wandsworth End of Life Care Coordination Centre on people approaching the end of their life, their families and local healthcare professionals.  The evaluation found that patients using this innovative service are less likely to be admitted to hospital or to die in hospital at the end of their lives. The full evaluation report can be downloaded here.