Our Annual Report 2016/17 is packed with highlights of our work over the past year and can be downloaded here.

Some highlights from the report include:

Care at Home

80% of the people we support are cared for in their own homes, which is where most people prefer to be. Last year, we cared for 1,700 people and their families at home, undertook over 3,220 home visits and made over 24,000 phone calls.

Inpatient Care at the Hospice

Sometimes, patients need the additional support that our inpatient centre can offer. Last year, 405 patients were cared for in our inpatient centre.


Our outpatient services help people improve their sense of wellbeing and manage their condition. We help people cope with symptoms such as pain, breathlessness, depression or fatigue; helping people cope and come to terms with their illness and staying independent and mobile. We supported 358 patients through outpatient care, attending 3,115 sessions.