From our doctors to our drivers, and from fundraising to the frontline, everybody at Trinity plays a vital role in helping our patients and their loved ones make the very best of every moment.  

Meet members of the team, find out about their best moments and why they find working at Trinity so special:

Mat, Volunteer Services Manager

I find it really rewarding to see families build relationships with our Befriending Volunteers. Patients often say how grateful they were for being introduced to their befriender as it allows them to keep their independence, get out doors more and lift their mood.

Alison, Senior Sister

I love working with a great team of people, providing excellent palliative and end of life care to patients and their families in a beautiful environment whilst knowing we have amazing support from our local community. There are so many special moments here, but weddings stand out – those for dying patients achieving their final wishes with so much input from the team here.

Paul, Chef

As you walk into Trinity every face is friendly and smiling - it’s a place where I’m happy to come and do my job. A special moment has been making a wedding cake for a patient who was getting married in their last days of life.

Paul, Senior Fundraiser

The best thing about working at Trinity is hearing how supporters are giving their time and money in recognition of the amazing care they have received here. I speak to many bereaved family members and friends and the messages are always the same: we received such compassion that we wanted to give something back.

Becky, Speciality Doctor

doctor at royal trinity hospice

Until I worked here I never knew how calm and lovely a hospice would be. My favourite moments are when I see a patient or relative relax as they realise that it is beautiful and peaceful here, and not the frightening place they had imagined.

Dovile, Shop Manager at Notting Hill

Working as a shop manager, every day is different and there’s a lot of space to express one’s creativity and personality - and at the end of the day you know all that effort and hard work goes to a really good cause. My best moments at Trinity have been meeting amazing, kind people including staff, volunteers and customers.   

Andre, IT Assistant

My favourite Trinity moment would have to be when I completed my apprenticeship in the IT department and got offered a permanent role. For me, the best thing about working at Trinity is definitely the atmosphere of the staff.

Hannah, Senior Physiotherapist

The best thing about working at Trinity is being part of such a kind, hardworking team. I am so lucky to have the job that I do – I love helping people to stay strong and independent, to live their life as fully as possible. Some of my favourite moments in the hospice have been seeing patients bird-watching in our garden and relaxing with their families – it shows that peace can be found during the most difficult of times.

Ide, Community Clinical Nurse Specialist

Until I worked here I never knew that palliative care is more about living than dying. My favourite Trinity moment is about one of my first community patients – he loved to go out to his favourite coffee shop for a cappuccino, however his mobility deteriorated and it meant he was no longer able. I made calls to the wheelchair service explaining his situation and they got him a wheelchair. A few days later I drove passed him and his wife on their way to the coffee shop, with big smiles on their faces.

Julie, HR Database & Reception Manager 

I have had the privilege of working for a caring and charitable organisation for almost 30 years, and I am surrounded by colleagues who all share the same goal. My favourite Trinity moment has to be when my partner Wayne and I exchanged rings in the hospice garden together with our friends and family.

Emmanuella, Shop Manager at Streatham Hill

Whenever people walk in the Streatham Hill shop, I like the wow factor smile they have in their face surprise to see that there is a charity shop like ours in Streatham Hill. The fact that they leave satisfied with their purchase means everything to me, knowing our shop makes a difference to people at the hospice make me happy.

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