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To provide outstanding care you need outstanding people at all levels. We are committed to recruiting and retaining the best staff so we can continue to:

  • provide outstanding care
  • ensure Trinity is run safely and effectively
  • raise sufficient funds to enable us to do this.

Our remuneration strategy

We’re proud to be a London Living Wage employer and we ensure that everyone in the hospice and our shops is paid at least the London Living Wage.

The Board of Trustees, via the Remuneration Committee chaired by our Honorary Treasurer, sets the remuneration strategy for Trinity. The committee is responsible for deciding Executive team remuneration and annual cost of living increases for those on Trinity pay scales are at their discretion.

Trinity pay scales are regularly reviewed to ensure they are aligned with market expectations. We aim to increase salaries in line with inflation every year, and this year we awarded our staff a cost of living increase in addition to any pay scale increments that were due.

We offer a more generous minimum pension contribution than our statutory obligation and will pay at least 5% into an employee’s pension, matching voluntary contributions made by staff up to 7.5% of their salary.

Executive team remuneration

The remuneration strategy for our Executive team ensures our leadership has the skills and experience required to run Trinity, a complex organisation caring for 2,550 patients every year with an annual turnover of over £16 million, 300+ paid staff and 500+ volunteers.

In line with NCVO and ACEVO guidelines, we’re committed to being open and transparent about the remuneration of the most senior staff in the organisation. We have provided a breakdown of our Executive team salaries below.

Name Annual Salary (£) Pension Contributions (£)  Total Remuneration (£)
Dallas Pounds 
Chief Executive Officer
109,122 6,547 115,669
Dr Sam Lund 
Medical Director
107,192 15,414 122,606
Clare Montagu 
Chief Operating Officer
83,267 6,245 89,512
Martin Powell 
Director of Patient Services
70,691 5,302 75,993
Sara Griffin
Finance Director
67,972 5,098 73,070
Daniel Holloway*
Retail Director
70,691 5,302 75,993
Patricia Mbasani
Director of HR and OD
70,691 5,302 75,993


*In addition, the Retail Director receives a performance-related bonus for achieving specific retail targets

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