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The Board of Trustees, via the Remuneration Committee, sets the remuneration strategy for Trinity. Trustees ensure that remuneration arrangements support the strategic aims of the hospice and enable the recruitment, motivation and retention of staff while also complying with the requirements of regulation.

Key principles of our 2018/19 remuneration strategy:

We are proud to be a London Living Wage employer and we ensure that everyone in the hospice and our shops is paid at least the London Living Wage.

We always aim to increase salaries in line with inflation, and this year as in previous years, have awarded staff a cost of living increase in addition to paying any pay scale increments that are due.

We offer a more generous minimum pension contribution than government regulations require: we will pay at least 3% into an employee’s pension and will match voluntary contributions made by staff up to 7.5% of their salary.

We remain committed to being open and transparent about the remuneration of the most senior staff in the organisation.

The Executive Team remuneration for 2018/19 is as follows:

Name Annual Salary (£) Pension Contributions (£)  Total Remuneration (£)
Dallas Pounds 
Chief Executive Officer
106,983 6,419 113,402
Dr Sam Lund 
Medical Director
105,091 15,112 120,203
Clare Montagu 
Chief Operating Officer
81,634 6,123 87,757
Martin Powell 
Director of Patient Services
69,305 5,198 74,503
Hazel Borthwick 
Director of HR and OD
69,305 5,198 74,503