Trinity is committed to its donors and supporters and is dedicated to treating them with the highest level of care, sensitivity and respect.

Our Donor Charter has been produced to assure donors and prospective donors of our integrity and accountability and the commitment of our staff and Board to strive for the highest professional standards at all times.

As our donors and prospective donors, we promise to:

  1. Treat you in a fair, transparent, accurate and honest manner, ensuring that everything we do complies with applicable laws, the professional codes of fundraising ethics as detailed by the Fundraising Regulator and the Institute of Fundraising.
  2. Ensure all fundraising communications, including solicitations and stewardship reports truthfully and accurately describe our activities and the intended and actual uses of donated funds.
  3. Give appropriate and timely acknowledgement, recognition and agreed publicity for your donation in accordance with your wishes including treating any support as anonymous if requested.
  4. Observe the terms applicable to your donation and consult you if your donation cannot be used for its intended purpose.
  5. Keep you informed of the impact of your donation and Trinity's evolving needs and priorities.
  6. Respect your rights to privacy and confidentiality and keep all donor records and database information kept secure. We take our donors' right to privacy very seriously and treat all personal information in a way compliant with the relevant data protection laws. Our Privacy Notice provides further information about how we handle data.
  7. Publish our financial accounts and annual review to ensure transparency about how our financial affairs are conducted.
  8. Only communicate with you in the way you ask us to when you set your communication preferences.

Protecting vulnerable individuals

Trinity fully understands our responsibility to protect vulnerable individuals. We adhere to the Code of Fundraising Practice section 1.2 (e, f, g) in the general principles section that fundraisers must:

  • take all reasonable steps to treat a donor fairly, enabling them to make an informed decision about any donation
  • take into account the needs of any potential donor who may be in a vulnerable circumstance to make an informed decision
  • return a donation given by someone who lacked capacity at the time of the donation

and that fundraisers must not:

  • exploit the lack of knowledge or apparent need for care and support of a donor at any time
  • accept donations when a fundraiser has grounds to believe that the donor lacks capacity to make a decision to donate
  • intrude on a person’s privacy , be unreasonably persistent or place undue pressure on a donor
  • continue to ask an individual for support if that person indicates that they no longer want to be communication with

Web security and privacy

Collection of information

Trinity is the sole owner of information submitted by you using our website. We may use information gathered in compiling anonymous statistics and research in the course of the organisation's stated role however, we will never sell, share, or rent personally identifiable information that you have given us.

Donations and payments

Any information and credit card details you provide us will be encrypted and handled securely.


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