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At Trinity, care is as much about living as it is about dying. We want our patients and their loved ones to make the best of the time they have, and use it to create cherished memories. That is why our nurses and staff go above and beyond to ensure that their last moments are filled with love, joy, and fulfilment.

Together with you, we can make the best of every moment.

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Here at Trinity, we have celebrated weddings, birthdays, and even hosted honeymoons. Our aim is to make every moment matter. For Inpatient Nurse Rebecca, every moment matters means:

For Inpatient Nurse Hibo, working at Trinity has taught her to see healthcare in a different way: "With all our expertise and skills, sometimes, the best interventions are a hand hold, a visit from a pet or a cup of tea. What matters most to our patients is comfort, not becoming a burden to those they love, getting their affairs in order, connection, existential peace."

It is thanks to you, our amazing supporters, that we can continue to celebrate weddings, birthdays, honeymoons and whatever else our patients need to create cherished memories.

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