Mum suffered with emphysema for years and over the past few months I knew (as her Daughter) and her physio and palliative team at Trinity, that something wasn't quite right.
Mum kept having falls, her memory was failing, she became confused easily. But the most distressing part was that her breathing deteriorated rapidly, despite her having 24hr oxygen therapy. I took her to A&E, where I demanded they did a CT scan of her head. My thoughts were that she may have suffered a stroke, or that she may have a possible bleed on the brain. The scans revealed two brain masses.
Little did we know that the lung that she had removed 4 years previous was in fact cancerous, and this cancer would spread to the extreme throughout her body and finally to her brain.
Devastated doesn't come close to that news we discovered only 3 days prior to Mum losing her battle.
Trinity were there throughout supporting us as a family in living with someone with stage 4 Gold COPD. Trinity listened and valued our concerns, to the point Mums physio was also fighting our corner to get to the bottom of things.
She made Mums sessions fun, worth while attending, and gave Mum something to look forward to each week. Their patience, compassion, understanding and consistent genuine care and support will always be hugely appreciated.

Without the funds these kind of charities wouldn’t exist.

Sam Gould