Trinity is one of these places one will remember all his/her life.
I am supporting Trinity and engage you to follow me.
We love our loved ones, and they care about our loved ones! And they care about us - the family, the friends, the relatives - and will assist us during this painful tome called the end of Life.
Trinity is a very lively place, with generous, available and competent staff and volunteers.
It is an oasis of peace to enable your loved ones to spend time, with you and the family before saying farewell.
It is a kind of an "airlock" where you can share memories, promises, and feelings, where you can pray and get blessed.
They help everyone and endeavour to make everyone feeling at home.
For us, it was not "visiting Mum ... like at the hospital". It was let's stop by and say hello to Mum at her place, in her room (where - by the way - we could share a meal, spend the night, have a Sunday meal ...). Trinity has been her last home for 4 months.
They need our money to continue to deliver this love, this care to our beloved family and friends.

Serge Borg