In Memory

Joan Hurrell

04 Dec 1931 - 11 Sep 2021

My earliest memory of Auntie Joan was of her commenting on how much I'd grown! After that we started going to the infamous New Year parties that she and Auntie Mavis would host. It's difficult to describe how party games, a cold buffet (that you weren't allowed to eat from unless you had your party hat on) and a sack of presents could mean so much, but I know I'm not alone in the fond memories I have of those gatherings. Maybe it was the fact that it brought the extended family together in a fun informal way. There's relatives that I wouldn't know even half as well if it wasn't for New Year's Day. I was always amazed at the effort and preparation they put in. The parties were one way they supported the Royal Trinity Hospice as many supplies were purchased from their shop in Clapham. I never asked her what the hospice meant to her, but she certainly supported them for as many years as I can remember. I know we all have our own memories of Auntie Joan. I will be forever inspired by her garden in Clapham and still can't believe how amazing a garden with everything in pots could look. It would be lovely to hear your memories too. This page enables us to share memories, photos and donate to the charity that she supported, the Royal Trinity Hospice. Rebecca Themer

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