In Memory

Sienna Dutton-jones

29 Apr 1974 - 01 Aug 2022

Lil sissy Since we were little children, where we shared our happy home. It was clear that both you and I, each had a style of our own But this never divided us in fact the opposite is true We've made each other stronger because that's what sisters do Your my little sister I love you with all my heart You've been there for me when life was great, or when things were falling apart You've been my mentor, my midnight chat pal and everything in between And when we drank the bottles of wine you became the world's best dancing queen You knew when to just be there for me, no words would pass your lips You even took the rap for me when daddy was a pig Actually we struck lucky we have a lovely mum and dad What ever decision we made in life they'd support us,want us happy, not sad You gave me a niece and nephew that I love to the moon and back You have a beautiful grandson who's so loving and makes us laugh I promise I'll look after your babies, they'll never be alone They'll always have their AJ, they'll always have love and a home In your lifetime there were many pets With so many gerbils it was like a zoo There was Cheeky, Floss, Tupac and Snoop And your constant shadow Rascie Roo There were many sides to you, and those who were close to you knew There was the crazy funny side but there was the serious side too Your desire to be the best you could be When studying hard for your psychology You said learning about new things, made you feel fulfilled As did watching the Disney chanel when it was time to chill Everybody that knew you, wanted to stay close by your side Youre endearing, funny and loving nature no one here would deny My strong willed little sister who set her mind to achieve Your intelligence and determination should make us all believe That we too, can be supercalafrajilisticexpialadocious My love, my world, my lil sissy noo Thank you for being amazing Thanks for being just you

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