Royal Trinity Hospice is proud of the spiritual, religious, ethnic and linguistic diversity of every member of our skilled team. We expect all visitors and patients to treat them with respect at all times. This includes any interactions with our staff and volunteers on and off-site, including on the phone.  

We will not tolerate racist, discriminative, aggressive, threatening, abusive, offensive, or intimidating words or actions. Where necessary, we will not hesitate to call the police or follow an exclusion procedure. 

Heightened emotional circumstances can be incredibly stressful for our visitors and patients but we ask you to remember our team is here to help and they are people too.

You also have a right to be treated with respect at all times by our team. Any member of staff can direct you to our complaints procedure if you feel this is not the case. If you would like to know about this, more please visit the comments and complaints section on our website.