The gardening groups provide support to patients and those who have been bereaved separately.

Patients are supported by the Occupational Therapy team and a Gardening volunteer, and bereaved family and friends by the Patient and Family Support team and Trinity's Gardener. 

Patient group 

The aim of the patient group is to enable you to engage in enjoyable and meaningful occupation through the means of gardening. You will benefit from socialising, by mastering new skills and engaging in cognitively stimulating and creative activity.

The patient group is available to any patients who can get to the hospice independently, with family or in a volunteer driver’s car or taxi. During the group, you will complete table-top activities in the Mulberry Room or on the patio outside Mulberry Place. We will adjust the activity to ensure that everyone can engage.

Bereavement gardening group

The Bereavement gardening group is led by our Head Gardener and one of our Senior Counsellors. The aim of the group is to allow bereaved friends and family time to spend with others with a shared experience of bereavement and interest in gardening.

It can be a time to talk and reflect on the emotional experience around bereavement, loss and grief, sharing as little or as much feels comfortable, whilst undertaking various seasonal gardening tasks around our beautiful hospice gardens.