We are excited to be the latest hospice to adopt the Compassionate Neighbours project. We join a growing network of 12 other hospices across the country, including many neighbouring London hospices, all working to improve social connections in our local communities.

So what is it?

Compassionate Neighbours is a social movement which helps to tackle the loneliness and isolation that many people face when nearing the end of life due to age or illness. It empowers hospices and communities to work in partnership to support and connect people to build stronger, more connected communities for all people touched by death, dying or loss.

Dying and loss are universal shared experiences that are part of life. Their impact can be devastating for individuals, families, and communities, but the fear and isolation that people feel can be reduced when they are part of a strong social network. This project aims for every person involved to have the opportunity to create connections and participate in meaningful reciprocal relationships that help them shape their lives and the lives of others.

To become a Compassionate Neighbour, local people attend training designed to increase their confidence in supporting others. The training focuses on harnessing trainees' innate compassion, improving their ability to talk about death, dying and loss and honing their communication skills. We also cover important subjects such as boundaries, safeguarding and self-care.

Once trained, Compassionate Neighbours are matched with someone who will benefit from their support. Matching is based around geographical area but just as importantly, based on interests, personality types and identified needs. The match is then given over to the two individuals allowing it to blossom into a reciprocal real-life friendship which enriches the life of each person. Ongoing support is offered to both the Compassionate Neighbour and Community Member by the team at Trinity.

Meet the team

Meet the team who will be running our Compassionate Neighbours project, our Community Engagement Manager Emma and Community Engagement Officer, Patrick.

Man and woman standing next to each other smiling in a garden

Learn more about becoming a Compassionate Neighbour, or receiving support from a Compassionate Neighbour

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