Photos, videos and important documents are often stored on electronic devices (like mobiles, tablets and computers). They can also be saved ‘in the cloud’ (on services such as Facebook, Twitter and within emails).

Use this Digital Affairs Checklist from Digital Legacy Association to help you make plans for your digital assets:

Digital affairs checklist

1. If you have a security password on a mobile phone or any other electronic devices, you may want to think about how best to pass on your passwords.

2. If you have any social media accounts (like Facebook) you may want to download your photos and videos from them and pass them onto a loved one. You may also want to assign administrative access of your social media accounts to someone you trust. You can download a template Social Media Will to help you.

3. If you have online subscriptions or other online accounts you may want to make suitable plans for each.

4. If you store photos or videos on electronic devices or in the cloud you may want to make a folder of your favourite photos and share them with a friend or family member. Sharing can occur through various internet services or by using an external memory stick or a hard drive.

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