There are times in all our lives when things get on top of us and we could use support in exploring these. Art therapy can help by giving participants the space to make sense of their lives. The creative process can open up new ways of thinking about things, help participants find new strengths and abilities and gain a clearer understanding and self-awareness. You don’t have to be good at art or to have any prior experience in the arts.

What to Expect in group art therapy
The aim of the art therapy group is to explore the use of art for self-exploration, expression and reflection. The images and objects you create won’t be judged; there is no right or wrong here. What is created by participants of the art therapy group can be often ambiguous, so the most important thing is for each participant to find their own meaning in what they have created.

All participants will be encouraged and given space and time at the end of the session for joint viewing of the work and personal and group reflection.

Our art therapy workshops follow a 7-session pattern. We also offer individual art therapy sessions to both patients and their family members. These tend to be in a block of 6 sessions.