Leaving a gift to Royal Trinity Hospice

Gifts in wills make a significant impact every year and in 2022 they raised an incredible £2.1 million towards our vital care, making up half of our fundraising income. 

It costs £16 million each year to provide Trinity's services at the hospice and out in the community. The NHS only contributes 26% of what is costs to run the hospice annually, so we must raise the rest through our fundraising and retail activity. 

A look to the future

With people living longer with more complex health needs, we will need to care for more patients than ever before. We estimate that the demand for our care will rise by 40% by 2030. The cost of our care is also on the rise: we believe the cost will increase by £1.5 million every year. 


For more information on how your gift can make an impact, how to leave a gift in your will and tax considerations please download our 'gifts in wills' guide below. 

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Joining our 'I Will' community 

By leaving a gift to Trinity you will be joining other incredible supporters who have said 'I Will' and helping to build our future.

Each year we invite all those who have left a gift in their will to special annual events, sometimes at Trinity or other interesting venues, as a thank you for the vital support and to talk about the impact these gift will make. We also have a dedicated newsletter on all things happening at Trinity with new and exciting updates. 

Let us know you are leaving a gift in your will 

We understand that leaving a gift in your will is an important decision and can be very personal. If you have left a gift in your will to Trinity and feel it is appropriate, please complete the form below to let us know. If you also feel comfortable sharing the amount that have been left this can help us plan for and safeguard Trinity’s future.

Let us know you've left a gift in your will