This week it's National Trustees Week. Trinity's trustees play a vital role in making important decisions about what Trinity does. But how much do you know about what is involved? 

This blog gives insight into five things you might not know are part of being a trustee at Trinity.

1. They are volunteers 

Trustees give their time voluntarily. Many of our trustees also work full time, or own their own business, but invest their time and ideas into supporting all that Trinity does with no remuneration for their services. 

2. They set the strategy for trinity 

Trustees play a key role in establishing Trinity's mission, vision and values, and ensuring that these are reflected in the strategic ambitions for the charity, and the services it provides to patients and families across seven boroughs. 

3. They are company directors 

Trinity's trustees are responsible for meeting certain legal obligations, acting in accordance with Trinity's articles of association and promoting the success of the organisation. 

4. They come from all walks of life  

Our trustees represent many areas of professional expertise and industries, from healthcare to business to finance and entertainment. Click here to learn more about our 13 trustees who bring a diverse range of experience and knowledge to the Trinity family. 

5. They are responsible for governance

Trinity's trustees are responsible for overseeing a robust clinical and corporate governance framework that ensures the continuous improvement and sustainability of Trinity's services. They develop yearly reports that outline Trinity's goals, achievements and finances, and ensure Trinity maintains an excellent level of quality in all that we do. 

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