Today, Thursday 8 September, is World Physiotherapy Day, a day for celebrating Physiotherapists for all that they do. But here at Royal Trinity Hospice, we thought we would use it as an opportunity not only to celebrate our wonderfully skilled team of physios, but to also explore what a Trinity Physiotherapist does. It's so much more than teaching us how to use the gym!

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Our talented Trinity Physiotherapists

We have a small but talented team of Physiotherapists at Trinity who work with individuals in a variety of settings including in our Inpatient Unit, during outpatient appointments and with patients at home out in the community. They are here to support patients every step of the way and to help them maintain independence for as long as possible.

It's a varied role and Katie took us around with her on a typical week here at Trinity. Here's what she got up to...

Monday:  Two home visits today. First an assessment visit to Mrs F, a lady in her 60's with severe breathlessness. I went through some strategies with Mrs F to show her what to do when feeling out of breath and especially if she panics. I will order a mattress elevator so she can be more upright at night and hopefully this will improve her sleep. Second visit was to Mr T who had been falling – I gave him a zimmer frame and some advice about his home set up.

Tuesday: After the multi-disciplinary meeting, I had an urgent home visit with one of our Palliative Care Assistants (PCAs). Ms D had been getting weaker and was struggling to get out of bed. She needed a hoist and a recliner chair. The family and Ms D were very distressed which I informed the nurses and MDT, and I also organised care for her.

Wednesday: Successful day on the ward today. I had a good joint session with one of the Occupational Therapists supporting a young lady to have a shower in a specialist shower chair. I did some mobility work (and had a lovely natter) with Mr W in the garden and he was pleased with his progress. There were a couple of new patients to assess as well who are now using the right equipment to transfer. I also tried a TENS machine with a young man who found it helpful for his pain.

Thursday: Two outpatients this morning: Mr F came for his exercise session in the gym and did better than he was expecting. Ms G came for advice and support around her breathlessness and fatigue and seemed to find the session helpful. One follow up visit at the end of the day to try the hoist with Ms D which went well, and the family feel a bit more settled now that the carers have started.

Friday: Spent the morning doing some telephone assessments, and follow up calls to check in with some of my community patients.  I reviewed a couple of people on the ward after lunch. I  rounded the week off with some catching up admin time, as per tradition with our cheesy 80s music on to keep us all going.

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