Anthony recently joined Trinity's Fundraising team and has spent the last two weeks meeting staff and learning as much as possible about palliative and end of life care. He shares what this experience has been like for him, and what he's learnt along the way.

"I joined the Trinity Fundraising team to help increase the amount of funding we receive from companies and businesses and I have already had my understanding of hospice care robustly challenged.

I am embarrassed to admit that until starting at Trinity I had never visited a hospice, despite having cared for a dying mother-in-law. My expectations, despite the beauty of the building and its location, were of a sad and sombre atmosphere - hushed conversations and glimpses of tearful grieving relatives. The term "end of life care" was something that conjured, in my mind, pain control and grim clinical procedures. I certainly associated "hospice care" with "dying" and not "living".

Five days in and I have had all my assumptions blown away and find myself on quite a journey to understand the extraordinary breadth of work that we do to help people live every moment whilst supporting their family and friends.

Only an hour with Head of Community Services, Helen Brewerton, learning about the amazing support (clinical, financial, emotional and spiritual) that we provide to those in the community, empowering them to stay in their own homes, has simply astounded me. I find myself wanting to shout from the rooftops about the amazing people at Trinity and their wonderful work. With two elderly parents terminally ill back at home in New Zealand, I can only wish that they were in receipt of a fraction of the care Trinity provide.

The conversations I am having as I introduce myself around the organisation have made me realise that my naive misconceptions of what end of life care is and the role that Trinity plays is probably shared by most of the general public. To be successful in winning new corporate partnerships I will need to take them on this same journey - teaching them that what the charity does is so much more and really is about living every moment. 

Thank you to those who are teaching me about this wonderful organisation and its work - I have no doubt there is much yet to learn. I look forward to helping the team at Trinity to help and support patients and their families by securing more funding."

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