The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) have recently announced changes to the “Special Rules” eligibility criteria for certain benefits available for people at the end of life.

By definition, Special Rules allow people to access benefits more quickly. Those eligible are not required to attend a face-to-face medical assessment with the DWP and are also automatically entitled to the higher rate of disability benefits.

The changes announced in April 2023 by the DWP mean more people could meet the Special Rules criteria, and therefore be eligible for benefits. Support is now available to people if they have been given a prognosis of 12 months or less. The prognosis period to meet the criteria was previously shorter than this.

Royal Trinity Hospice has a dedicated Welfare Rights Advisor, Marsha, who can help provide more information to patients interested in finding out more about the benefits they are entitled to.

Our advisor can help with the required related medical evidence form needed to confirm a patient’s diagnosis and prognosis, verifying how they meet the Special Rules criteria.

Trinity patients being cared for in the community can talk to their community nurse or a member of staff on the inpatient unit to arrange support with this and any other benefits of welfare support.

Marsha - helping take the hassle out of paperwork

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