Royal Trinity Hospice has received a donation of specialist medical equipment this week, which will help patients who live with existing or disease-related breathing conditions.

The devices, known as ‘Pari Boy Classic’ nebuliser compressors, will allow patients to inhale medications to help clear their airways using a mouthpiece or mask.

The nebulisers will help patients who are being treated at the hospice who may have conditions such as COPD, bronchiectasis, asthma and bronchitis. Patients who may no longer be able to use their normal inhaler because of the complexity of their illness will also benefit.

Ten nebulisers were delivered to Trinity, thanks to a donation from the Asthma Relief Charity.

This is the third donation Trinity has received from the charity and means we now have enough nebulisers to ensure one is available in every inpatient room.

A delivery we couldn't wait to unpack - new Nebulisers for our patients 

Patricia Davis, Charity Manager at the Asthma Relief Charity said:

“We are absolutely thrilled to learn that one of our donated nebulisers is now available for every room on the inpatient unit at Trinity. Our latest donation of nebulisers was kindly funded by the Axis Foundation which supports small, local and impactful causes to give back to the communities in which its parent company Axis operates.”

Senior Pharmacy Technician at Trinity Debbie Howson, has helped organise the donations through the Asthma Relief Charity.

“Royal Trinity Hospice has been very fortunate to have yet again had nebulisers donated from the Asthma Relief Charity. Nebulisers make a massive difference to the vital care we deliver to a wide variety of patients with respiratory problems in palliative care. Truly amazing!” 

Staff will be able to assist patients who need help using the nebulisers, which can be disinfected and cleaned down between use for infection control and patient safety. 

Thanks to the team at the Asthma Relief Charity for their support.

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