Our annual Light up a Life remembrance service took place on Thursday 7 December. It was an evening of celebration and reflection as we came together as a community to remember those who brought light to our own lives. 

Our thanks go to Nunna Tunis, a Clinical Hub Care Coordinator at Trinity, for this beautiful poem which she read at the Light up a Life service.


Hold on Light

 She had said goodbye for now, but that is something she always said when going away for a short while

I didn’t pay no mind to it

A kiss on the forehead, nose and left cheek

Three days later, my Light started going out

A week later, it was out and gone completely…


He said I will call you in the morning, sent a picture of of where he was

Next morning, a phone call and her knight in shining armour was no more

With the blink of an eye a light darkness descended, blinding and cold.

Who turned out our lights?

What is this darkness that we are not prepared for?

Hark, our lives have been turned upside down.


A year down the line, another season of light and hope is upon us

Music, silly jokes, sounds, smells

Twinkle lights in windows

Memories that build up the warmest fireplace in our hearts and burns bright and illuminates all that they were to us.

The whiff of a scent, the sound of laughter ringing in our ears, a pretty dress, present from them, holiday pictures….all straws of light and love which we cling on to

In our hearts, their lights will never go out.


It is okay to feel lost

It is okay to to feel all the emotions altogether

Whenever I feel the darkness clutch at my heart, I think of something silly they had said

I leave a light on every night, so that they may find their way back home

I play a favourite song, cook a favourite meal and wear something of theirs once every week…

My way of keeping their light bright and warm around me.

They may be gone, but their light will forever give me hope and keep me warm in my darkest times.

Nunna Tunis

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