Last month we were delighted to put the most recent donation from Morgan Lewis to very good use with the purchase of specialist dementia clocks for each of the rooms in our inpatient unit. These special clocks are designed specifically for people with dementia, who can often find it difficult to remember what day or time it is, which can cause increased anxiety and confusion. The clocks will also benefit other patients that might be suffering confusion due to symptoms of their condition or medication. The new clocks have large numbers and letters and can even speak time and date information on request.

Global law firm Morgan Lewis has been providing invaluable support to Trinity since 2019 and have helped raise both vital funds for the hospice and awareness around Trinity’s work.

Dr Martin Powell, Director of Patient Services “Patients with dementia often lose track of day and time which can cause confusion, distress and anxiety. We want to provide the best possible care for our patients and alleviate suffering wherever we can – that is why we’re so grateful to Morgan Lewis whose generosity means we were able to supply and fit a dementia friendly clock in every one of our inpatient rooms.”

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease was the leading cause of death in the UK in 2018. The number of people with dementia in the UK is forecast to increase to over 2 million by 2051 and reach over 1 million this year. People with dementia often have a number of complex needs. These may include memory loss, language difficulties, disorientation, changes in personality and mood and problems with everyday tasks and activities. Trinity aims to ensure that people living with dementia have the same access to specialist palliative and end of life care as people living with other progressive, life-limiting illnesses such as cancer.

Trinity opened a dedicated dementia room on the inpatient unit in 2017, thanks to the generous support of Morgan Lewis, the special dementia clocks will help ensure all rooms are more dementia-friendly.

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