Royal Trinity Hospice has a new single point of contact for all matters relating to patients and their carers and referrals.  

This number is available to healthcare professionals looking to refer, request an admission, or access specialist palliative care advice. This is also the number that patients and carers can call to discuss any aspect of their care. 

From Wednesday 20 September, the new phone number for all patient care enquiries is 0207 787 1062 (NB this is an existing number that is now being rolled out to all teams, so it may already match your records).  

Anyone phoning the new number will be offered a series of options when they call: 

  • Option 1 for referrals, or to follow up on an existing one 
  • Option 2 for Care Coordination in Wandsworth 
  • Option 3 for the Inpatient Unit 
  • Option 4 if you have been contacted by the hospice or you would like to make an appointment  
  • Option 5 If you are calling to make an admissions request
  • For all other queries, callers will be advised to stay on the line 

The old phone number for the Wandsworth End of Life Care Coordination team will no longer be in service. The number to call is 0207 787 1062 and then option 2. 

We are keen to ensure that the transition to this new single point of contact is as smooth as possible and we are grateful for your patience while this change takes effect. 

For all other contact information please click here