Royal Trinity Hospice has launched a vibrant new logo and visual identity, which will be rolled out from today. 

We have worked with Spencer du Bois, the brand consultancy for social change, on our new look. The theme that “every moment matters” is at the heart of the new brand. The new logo is inspired both by Trinity’s stunning gardens and the multiple streams of expert support we provide coming together to wrap around each patient and those close to them, to create care as unique as they are. The new brand’s photography, graphics and copy capture the important moments – both big and small – that matter to our patients and their families.

The rebrand was undertaken in response to Trinity’s strategic aims of reaching more people who need support across our catchment and of generating the necessary funds to do this. Our board recognised that to grow fundraising, we would need a stronger presence in the communities we serve and this project is one way we are hoping to achieve this.

The rebrand follows a comprehensive process of research and co-creation with staff, volunteers and patients to define the brief and give feedback at every stage.

Dallas Pounds, CEO of Royal Trinity Hospice said:

Despite being the oldest hospice in the country and much loved by those who have experienced our outstanding care or live locally to our base in Clapham, we’re not well known across the area we serve. In the past we have struggled to change this and cut through with a dated and lacklustre logo and visual brand.

We had a very specific idea of what we wanted from this project: a new look that would do justice to the modern, innovative and vibrant organisation Trinity is, providing outstanding care not just in one building but in the homes of over two thousand patients every year.

We are thrilled with what the team at Spencer du Bois has developed. They have listened closely to the staff, patients and volunteers at Trinity and gone the extra mile to really get under the skin of the organisation. We’re delighted with the result and very optimistic about the possibilities for increased awareness, fundraising and reach it will bring.

Max du Bois, Executive Director of Spencer du Bois, said:

From the moment we stepped into Trinity we were struck by how exceptionally bright and positive everyone was, tackling the deep anxieties and the practical issues around dying and death to help people genuinely live every moment to the last. Trinity is exceptional and we wanted to create a brand that reflected their exceptional work, practically challenging the taboos around death and dying

Claire Biscard, Creative Director of Spencer du Bois, said:

When I first stepped through the doors of Trinity the unexpected sense of positivity, strength and calm really hit me. We wanted to try and capture some of that unique personality – energetic, warm and expressive. Our work is inspired by so much... and their sheer spark and determination to help stop the fear of death eroding the life you have left.

We will be rolling the new look out over the next two months to ensure that financial and environmental cost is minimised where possible.