We spoke to David, one of our Health Care Assistants, about a typical day on the Inpatient Unit here at Trinity and what he enjoys most about his work.

What is a typical day like at the hospice?

I get into work, have my cup of coffee, then the day gets started! Every day is different as you’re dealing with different patients and different situations. When your shift starts in the morning and you’re taking over from another member of staff, you just get stuck in and see what that day brings. The night shift is very different from the day shift, you might be coming into work and helping a patient get off to sleep, or it might be a really busy night. Every shift is different as a Health Care Assistant!

What is your favourite part of your day?

If a patient wants to go outside into the garden then that’s always my favourite part of the day. Taking a patient out to the garden for the first time is especially great because they’re always surprised at how big and beautiful it is. Then when we come back inside they’re telling everybody about how wonderful it is outside, it’s really special.  

What brought you to Trinity?

I had previously been a Community Health Care Assistant in the past, and then I actually came to Trinity as a cleaner and did that for 8 years. I realised that I still wanted to utilise my skills in healthcare, so I applied to be a Health Care Assistant here in 2019. The other staff were very supportive and keen for me to apply, so I did and I’ve never looked back!

I am proud and delighted to be a Health Care Assistant working for Trinity.

What do you like most about Trinity?

Trinity is an amazing place to work. There is so much opportunity and what I like most is that you’re able to meet lots of different people from different cultures and backgrounds.

What do you like about working in palliative care?

The good thing about working in palliative care is that you get to really understand the complexity of different patients and their illnesses. It’s difficult, but you’re able to understand what the patients are going through and be there for them.  

How would you describe your IPU team?

The IPU team is amazing. We work together very closely and are always sharing information, which is so vital on the IPU. We make a good team!

Thank you to David for sharing his account.

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