Sylvester, a student nurse, joined Trinity for six weeks for a placement early this year. He shares what he learned from working at Trinity and learning from our nurses.

"Over the course of the last six weeks, I have come to a conclusion: "Working at Trinity is the most difficult job in the world!" But just before you dash off, stay with me for a few moments and let me shed some more light because the definition of 'difficult' is significantly different from that which you know.

At Trinity, 'difficult' takes on a new meaning as it deviates from the impossibility of situations towards embracing a field of opportunities, opportunities to make every single moment count by making small differences that have a deep impact on those under our umbrella. It is a definition that gives a clear reason to keep going even on days when hearts are heavy because at Trinity the care offered:

  • is daily and instinctive
  • resolves around building strong friendships and even closer families
  • is an informed, conscious and unique experience tailor-made for anyone who comes through the doors 
  • captures each moment as a precious and lasting memory through tender care and support.

That is the definition of difficult.

So to all the amazing people doing the most 'difficult' job in the world, in my own hand, I write:

"It has been an absolute honour to stand alongside you even for only a few weeks. You are real stars, so keep on shining and keep making every moment count. You have no idea the difference you make. 

I have been part of Trinity, where every moment is actually lived."

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